Library Policy


Alberta Wildlife Carving Association has a wide variety of books, magazines, casts and reference pictures and patterns for your carving needs.


All items are marked with a catalogue number to enable the librarians to keep items catalogued and filed in the proper place. We encourage you to browse the catalogue for your information or ask for assistance if needed. Items may be checked out in two-week increments. Please inform the librarian if you wish to keep materials over the summer since we account for everything in the spring and would like to know that nothing has gone missing.



Please remember, when looking at material put it back in the same spot so everyone else can find it. When you remove an item for the files please place a marker stick (paint stick) so it is easier to put the item back, especially magazines. The casts are in baskets in numerical order so they are easier to find and put back. Books and bills are listed in order on the inside of the door.


Checking Out:

Please complete the form with your name, date, item number with a description of the item. Please inform the librarian when you are returning something so it can be recorded are returned.



Reference Material in the Library




H1 How to Paint Diving Ducks – Mohrhardt

H2 How to Paint Dabbling Ducks – Moharhardt- missing

H3 Championship Waterfowl Patterns Volume 1 Marsh Ducks (oversize)

H4 Championship Waterfowl Patterns Volume 2 missing (oversize)

H5 Championship Waterfowl Patterns Volume 3 Sea Ducks and Mergansers (oversize)

H6, H6b Songbird Carving –Daisy –

H7 Songbird Carving 2 – Daisy - missing

H8 How to Carve Wildfowl 2 missing

H9 Carving Miniature Wildfowl Robert Guge

H9b Carving Miniature Wildfowl Robert Guge

H10 Songbird Carving – Muehlmatt

H11 Beginner Painting – Widgeon Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H12 Beginner Painting - Canvasback Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H13 Beginner Painting – Wood Duck Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H14 Beginner Painting – Pintail Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H15 Beginner Painting – Bufflehead Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H16 Beginner Painting – Lesser Scaup Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H17 Beginner Painting – Redhead Drake - Dennis Schroeder

H18 Beginner Painting – Green-wing Teal – Ruddy Duck- Dennis Schroeder

H19 Bird Carving Basics – Bills and Beaks – Curtis Badger - missing

H20 Bird Carving Basics – Feet –Curtis Badger - missing

H21 Bird Carving Basics – Eyes – Curtis Badger - missing

H22 Bird Carving Basics – How to Compete – Curtis Badger

H23,H24 Encyclopedia of Bird Reference Drawings – 2 copies

H25 Carving and Painting a Cardinal

H26 Large Loon Book – Whitting; Loon Carving Patterns & Techniques

H27 Realistic Decoys – Bridenhagen and Spielman

H28 Painting Wild Geese – Beebe Hopper- missing

H29 Canadian Birds – Coomber

H30 Canadian Birds - Obee

H31, H31b Shorebird Carving – Daisey – 2 copies

H32 Birds of Prey - Scholz

H33 Owls – Scholz

H34 Carving and Painting a Red-tail Hawk with Floyd Scholz

H35 Carving and Painting a Northern Cardinal – Curtis Badger

H36 Carving and Painting a Black Capped Chickadee - missing

H37 Wildbird Guides – Eastern Bluebird - missing

H38 Birds of Prey (Patterns and Reference) Muehlmatt

H39 Eagles – David Jones

H40 Encyclopedia of North American birds – Michael Vanner- missing

H41 Carving and Painting Pintail Drake – J.Vizier

H42 Carving and Painting American Kestral – Scholz

H43 Carving the Green Wing Teal – J. Moore

H44 Traditions in wood – edited by Patricia Fleming

H45 Fish and Pond Life – Richard Roth

H46 Artist Photo Reference Guide – Birds – Bart Rulon

H47 Manual of Ornithology – Avian Structure –Proctor and Lynch

H48 Encyclopedia of North American Birds

H49 The Illustrated Bald Eagle – Denny Rogers

H50 Fish Carving – Bob Berry

H51 Bear – The Ultimate Artist Reference – Doug Lindstrand - missing

H52 Deer – The Ultimate Artist Reference – Doug Lindstrand

H53 Birding

H54 Decorative Decoy Carver’s Ultimate Painting & Pattern  Q & B– Bruce Burk (oversize)

H55 Painting Wild Geese

H56 Bears to Carve with Dale Power

H57 Eye size and Eye color Chart- missing

H58 Waterfowl Patterns and Painting - Jim Sprankle (oversize)

H59 Decorative Decoy Designs – Geese and Swans (coil) – Bruce Burk (oversize)

H60 Decorative Decoys – Diving ducks – Bruce Burk (oversize)

H61 Decorative Decoys – Diving ducks – Bruce Burk (oversize)

H62 Decorative Decoys – (coil)

H63 Decorative Decoys – vol. 1 Dabbling and Whistling

H64 Decorative Decoys – (coil)- missing

H65 golden Eagle – Scholz

H66 Realism in Wood -Lehman

H67 Carving Wildlife in Wood -

H68 Carving Realistic Game and Songbirds -Lehman

H69 Nature in Wood, Great Patterns in Carving - missing

H70 Trout of North America - Tomelleri

H71 Collectors Guide to Decoys - Kangas

H72 Carving Duck Decoys - Hillman

H73 no book

H74 Ducks Decoys Simplified - Cason

H75 How to build 55 Great Clocks - Daniele

H76 Love of Loons – Crowley and Link- missing

H77 Game Bird Carving – Bruce Burk

H78 Carving Authentic Birds

H79 Painting Duck Decoys - Hillman

H80 Carving Classic Swans and Goose Decoys - Hillman

H81 Carving Shorebirds – Shourds and Hillman

H82 Studies in the Art Anatomy of Animals - Seton

H83 Painting the Drake Wood Duck

H84 Carving Realistic Flowers in Wood- missing

H85 Canadian Wildlife- missing

H86 Nature in Wood – Great Patterns 21 Small birds and 8 Wild animals -Lehman

H87 Wood Burning by Sheryl Dow II

H89 The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys – editor Bill Buckner

H90 Dabbling and Whistling Ducks- Vol. I

H91 Diving Ducks- Vol II

H92 Geese and Swans – Vol. III


H94 How to Carve Waterfowl- Schroeder

H95 Waterfowl Carving- Sprankle

H96 Championship Carving- Veasey

H97 Waterfowl- Lemaster

H98 Wings on the Water- Maslowski

H99 Decoys- Lemaster

H100 Making Decoys- Badger

H101 Heads and Eyes- Kochan

H102 Feet and Legs- Kochan

H103 Songbirds – Everett

H104 Carving Realistic Birds- Green

H105 Anatomy of Waterfowl- Charles Frank Jr.

H106 Wading and Shorebirds- Everett

H107 Birds of Prey

H108 Peregrine Falcon- Schultz

H109 How to Carve Wildfowl- Book 2- Schroeder

H110 Game Bird Carving- Burk

H111 Championship Carving- Veasey

H112 Birds Art and Design- Larry Barth




Note all oversize materials are located on the bottom shelf in the back due to their size


WORK BENCH PROJECTS – all are oversize materials

C1 Miniature Prairie Falcon -Dye

C2 Shorebirds - Herbert

C3 Wood Duck – McMurdo (2 books)

C4 Loggerhead Shrike - Dye

C5 Hunting Decoys - Harde

C6 Decorative Wood Duck - missing

C7 Canvas Back Pair - Welsh

C8 Game Bird Trio – Muehlmatt- missing

C9 Eastern Bluebird – Lucio



Blue wing Teal Hen

Oldsquaw Hen

White Throated Sparrow

Red Breasted Merganser Drake-




Wildfowl Carving

Spring 1985- no copy

Summer 1985- no copy

Fall 1985- no copy

Winter 1986- no copy

Spring 1986- no copy

Summer 1986- no copy

Fall 1986- no copy

Winter 1987

Spring 1987- no copy

Summer 1987

Fall 1987

Winter 1988

Spring 1988

Summer 1988

Fall 1988

Winter 1989

Spring 1989

Summer 1989

Fall 1989

Winter 1990

Spring 1990

Summer 1990

Fall 1990

Winter 1991

Spring 1991

Summer 1991

Fall 1991

Winter 1992

Spring 1992

Summer 1992

Fall 1992

Winter 1993

Spring 1993

Summer 1993

Fall 1993

Winter 1994

Spring 1994

Summer 1994- no copy

Fall 1994 (2)

Winter 1995

Spring 1995

Summer 1995

Fall 1995

Winter 1996

Spring 1996

Summer 1996

Fall 1996(2)

Winter 1997(2)

Spring 1997

Summer 1997

Fall 1997

Winter 1998- no copy

Spring 1998- no copy

Summer 1998- no copy

Fall 1998

Winter 1999

Spring 1999- no copy

Summer 1999

Fall 1999

Winter 2000

Spring 2000

Summer 2000- no copy

Fall 2000- no copy

Winter 2001(2)

Spring 2001

Summer 2001

Fall 2001

Winter 2002

Spring 2002(2)

Summer 2002

Fall 2002(2)

Winter 2003

Spring 2003

Summer 2003

Fall 2003

Winter 2004

Spring 2004

Summer 2004

Fall 2004

Winter 2005

Spring 2005

Summer 2005

Fall 2005

Winter 2006

Spring 2006

Summer 2006

Fall 2006

Winter 2007- no copy

Spring 2007

Summer 2007

Fall 2007

Winter 2008

Spring 2008

Summer 2008

Fall 2008

Winter 2009

Spring 2009

Summer 2009

Fall 2009

Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Summer 2010

Fall 2010

Winter 2011- no copy

Spring 2011- no copy

Summer 2011

Fall 2011

Winter 2012

Spring 2012

Summer 2012- no copy

Fall 2012- no copy

Winter 2013

Spring 2013

Summer 2013- no copy

Fall 2013

Winter 2014

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

Fall 2014- no copy

Winter 2015- no copy

Spring 2015- no copy

Summer 2015-

Fall 2015



1988- no copy



1991- no copy

1992- no copy




1996- no copy



1999- no copy


2001- no copy



2004- no copy


2006- no copy


2008- no copy


2010- no copy



2013- no copy

2014- no copy

2015- no copy





Pat Godin Series– Videos 1, 2, and 3 Carving, Texturing and Painting

– Feathers, Carving, Texturing & Burning

– Wood Duck Drake Bust

- Blue Winged Teal Drake Bust

- Mallard Drake & Wood Duck Drake Bills

- American Wideon Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Pintail Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Gadwall Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Goldeneye Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Hooded Merganser Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Green Winged Teal Hen (Carving and Painting)

- Long Tailed Duck Drake (Carving and Painting)

- Mallard Hen (Carving and Painting)




Numerous enlarged photographs of birds mounted on foam board

I have started to catalogue the photographs (bin #1 is done)

Bin #1

P1 Common Loon

P1b Common Loon

P2 Common Loon with chicks

P3 Common loon

P4 Common Loon with juvenile

P5 Yellow billed Loon

P6 Yellow billed Loon on nest

P7 Red throated Loon on nest with chick

P8 Red throated loon on nest

P9 Red throated Loon

P10 Red throated Loon

P11 Pacific Loon on nest

P12 Pacific Loon on nest

P13 Mallard Drake

P14 Wood Duck Drake

P15 Wood Duck Drake

P16 Wood Duck Drake

P17 Canada Goose

P18 Red Necked Grebe on nest

P19 Horned Grebe

P20 King Eider

P21 King Eider

P22 Hooded Merganser – male

P23 Trumpeter Swans

P24 Great Blue Heron

P25 White Pelicans

P26 White Pelicans

P27 Sandhill Crane

P28 Sandhill Crane

P29 Snowy Egret

P30 Snowy Egret

P31 Least Bittern

P32 American Avocet

P33 American Avocet

P34 Semi-Palamated Plover

P35 Franklin Gulls

P36 Kill Deer

P37 Black Oystercatcher

P38 Yellowheaded Blackbird – male

P39 Yellowheaded Blackbird – male

P40 Pileated Woodpecker – female

P41 Downey Woodpecker – female

P42 Belted Kingfisher

P43 Whitewing Dove

P44 Rufous Hummingbird – male

P45 Rufous Hummingbird – male

P46 Rufous Hummingbird – male

P47 Baltimore Oriole – male

P48 Baltimore Oriole – male


P50 Cardinal – male

P51 Cardinal – male

P52 Cardinal – male

P53 Robin – male

P54 Thrush

P55 Varied Thrush – male

P56 Blue Jay

P57 Grey Jay

P58 Grey Jay

P59 Grey Jay

P60 Baltimore Oriole – male

P61 Scarlet Tanager – male

P62 Scarlet Tanager – male

P63 Eastern Bluebird

P64 Eastern Bluebird

P65 Mountain Bluebird

P66 Mountain Bluebird

P67 Mountain Bluebird

P68 Rufous sided Towhee

P69 Pine Grosbeak

P70 Bobolink

P71 Painted Bunting – female

P72 Painted Bunting – male

P73 Indigo Bunting – male

P74 Cassin’s Finch

P75 American Goldfinch

P76 House Finch

P77 Grey Catbird

P78 Magnolia Warbler

P79 Magnolia Warbler

P80 Black Tailed Gnatcatcher

P81 Black Throated Green Warbler

P82 Yellow Warbler

P83 Northern Parula

P84 Prothonotary Warbler

P85 Nashville Warbler

P86 Golden Crown Sparrow

P87 Common Redpoll

P88 Golden Crown Sparrow

P89 White Throated Sparrow

P90 White Crowned Sparrow

P91 Black Chinned Sparrow

Please keep these in order since it makes them easier to find


Bin #2 (not cataloged yet)

Grouse, hawks, owls (great horned, snowy, saw-whet, short eared, barred, eagles (bald) to be done



Mallard Hen

Flying Canada Goose


Great Horned Owl


Golden eye

Mallard Drake

Burrowing Owl


Canada Goose



1 White Throated Sparrow

2 Tree Sparrow

3 White Breasted Nuthatch

4 Black capped Chickadee

5 Cedar Waxwing

6 Goldfinch

7 Indigo Bunting

8 Eastern Bluebird

9 Sanderling

10 Northern Oriole

11 Screech Owl

11B Screech Owl - missing

12 Blue Jay ½ size

12B Blue Jay ½ size

13 Yellow rump Warbler – missing –Gill signed out years ago

14 Kingfisher

15 Saw-whet Owl

16 Red-Breasted Nuthatch

17 Mourning Dove

18 Cardinal

19A Blue Jay

19B Blue Jay

20 Blue Jay

21 Black capped chickadee on stump

22 Cardinal on stump

23 Kestrel

24 Peregrine Falcon – missing

25 Great Blue Heron-missing

26 Saw Whet Owl on stump

27 Semi-Palmated Plover

28 Carolina Wren - missing

29 Purple Finch on rock

30 Summer cardinal

31A Merlin on Rock

31B Merlin on Rock

32 Northern Goshawk

33A Downy Woodpecker

33B Downy Woodpecker

34 Red-tail Hawk

35 Black Crown Night Heron

36 Bald Eagle - missing

37A Puffin

37B Puffin

38 Snowy Owl

39 Black Duck

40 Blue wing/cinnamon Teal Drake

41 Bufflehead Drake

42 Canvasback Drake - missing

43 Loon 1/3 SIZE-missing

44 Chickadee-missing

45 Green wing Teal Drake

46 Large Loon

47 Green wing Teal Drake - missing

48 Fish

49 Kingfisher

50 Purple Finch-missing

51 Sharp tail Grouse

52 Puffin

53 Ruddy Duck

54 Wood Duck Drake in box




1 Blue wing Teal Drake

2 Bufflehead Drake

3 Canadian Goose

4 Canvas Back Drake

5 Common Goldeneye Drake-missing

6 Common Loon

6b Common Coon

7 Gadwell Drake and hen - missing

8 Green wing Teal Hen

9 Hooded Merganser Open Drake

10 Mallard – Open Drake-missing

11 Pintail Drake

12. Red Breasted Merganser – Drake

13 Redhead – Hen

14 Ruddy – Drake - missing

15 Scaup – Greater – Hen

15b Scaup – Greater – Hen

16 Shoveller – Drake

17A Wigeon – Drake

17A Wigeon – Drake

18 Wood Duck – Hen

19 Side feathers – Canvas back

20 Northern Harrier

21 Mallard – Hen

22 Prairie Falcon

23 Red – Hen/Drake

24 Merlin

25 Hooded Merganser – Drake

26 Mallard – Hen

27 Green wing Teal – Drake

28 Wood Duck – Drake

29 Scaup – Greater – Drake

30 Cinnamon Teal





Allan Price Kit (for rental at cost of $100, to be returned by end of carving season.  $50 refunded on return of kit).  Kit includes:

-          TPS Micromotor with handpiece

-          Razertip SK Burner with 3 burner pens

-          6” Electronic Calipers

-          Set of 3/32 bits


Chairs- 35

Tables- 10

Dust Collectors- 17

Table Lights- 28

Foredom Kits (yellow tool boxes)- 4

Compressor- 1

Shop Vacuuum- 1




Tables- 10

Boxes for stands-

Floater Tubs- 2

Metal Stands-